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Core technology
Core technology


ProLight offers LED products that can cover wide range of LED lighting application. Just to mention some examples:

Commercial lighting - fresh meat light LED, Gold light LED for bread, Spot light…etc

Residential - downlight, PAR light, Light bulb, light tube…etc

Outdoor lighting - street light, garden light, flood light), building lights,

Lighting using muti-color - stage lights, flash light, automotive lighting include signal lighting, headlight….etc

Special lighting - Ultraviolet (UV) curing light, infra red sensing light, plant growth lighting.


LED Supply Chain



Complete Product Portfolio

ProLight product range fits precisely with main stream LED market that offer mid to high power LED ranging from 0.2W to 100W and also for special lighting that require more than 100W LED product up to unbelievable 1000W LED light source. Furthermore, ProLight not only have the standard 3V LED packages we also put main R&D resources in developing AC LED and high voltage LED products (12V/24V/50V/70V/100V…500V). With this product range, ProLight will be able to more accurately capture the future LED market trend and offer flexible in LED lighting design which might have different performance, reliability and quality requirements.


Research and Development Core Competitiveness

ProLight’s LED research and development core technology puts great emphasis on quality and reliability. Then combine reliable LED products with very competitive price, ProLight can offer its customers customized LED products and continuous innovation in LED technology.

ProLight have the capability to develop any packaging type and form using its own packaging technology, which include PLCC, EMC, all the ceramic COB (HTCC, LTCC, DPC, DBC…), Aluminum COB, Vapor Chamber COB and Graphite COB. ProLight insist in providing reliable and cost effective LED solution for various LED lighting applications. For example the LED lighting market, all ProLight’s LED products can pass the US Energy Star standards using LM-80 test rule and TM-21 life prediction. We have now obtained more than 15 LM-80 test report done by SGS, which is one of the Energy Star certified LM-80 test lab.


Innovative and Leaders in LED Technology

ProLight not only focus in creating wide range of LED products to meet different LED lighting requirements, we also invested around 10% of our revenue every year in research and development of new LED products and technology. By doing so we maintain our advantage in the competitive LED lighting market and this can be seen from our achievement of having 50% growth in revenue every year for the past 3 years.

ProLight understand the importance of the intellectual property and continuously pursue innovation and excellence. Currently we have filed over 100 patents in countries such as Taiwan, US, China and Europe. Furthermore we have more than 50 approved patents, which include package structure patents, LED manufacturing patents and phosphor formula patents.


Superior Light Quality

ProLight have its own exclusive Phosphor Coating Technology, which can provide superior light quality from its LED products and have the same standards as 1st tier LED packaging house.












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