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    Quality Policy Certification

Total Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement is driven by the voice of customer. Therefore, we must
establish and maintain effective mechanism and ability in organization to verify,
accept, and meet customer’s needs and expectations.

ISO 9001:2015 
Certificate No. TW16/00080

IATF 16949:2016 
Certificate No. IATF0346457

    Environment, safety and health policy  
    Comply with laws and regulations

Comply with domestic and international
related environment, safety and health laws, ordinances and other environment,
safety and health requirements.

ISO 14000:2015
Certificate No. TW18/00232
    Energy saving and waste reduction
Promote energy saving and waste reduction in various organizational activities,
production activities, sales and service processes to reduce environmental impact.

OHSAS 18001:2007

Hazard Prevention

Identify and eliminate significant potential hazards through
hazard identification and risk assessment;
The importance of employee safety protection policy, is to provide a safe,
healthy and comfortable workplace environment.

Continuous improvement

We will continue to maintain the effective operation of our environment, safety and
health management system, enhance environment, safety and health performance,
mitigate environmental impact and reduce the risk of harm.

    Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free  

According EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct behavior, EICC) pointed out
that the mining and sale of "conflict minerals" has become the main income of armed
rebel groups in Democratic Republic of the Congo. They use this income to buy arms,
making bloody conflict, resulting in serious human rights violations and cause
environmental problems.

Prolight Opto will take responsibility to protect human rights and the environment.
The policy of non-use conflict minerals is as follows:

1. Prolight Opto products do not use conflict minerals.

2. Request suppliers and their upstream suppliers do not use conflict minerals

3. Request suppliers investigate their supply chain carefully to assure they do not  use
conflict minerals in raw materials that are supplied to Prolight Opto.

Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free

To ensure thereliability of the LED product, all of our LED products will go through strict LM-80 test standards to make sure our customers receive most reliable LED products.

LM-80 test have been recognized by the LED lighting market as the standard for LED life and light quality. 




Third-party certification